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Pedal Stories: Ruth Bates

Hi friends!

We’re kicking off a new series called Pedal Stories, highlighting our awesome customers, design collaborators, and foot pedal faucet converts who have graciously shared their tales of life with Principle Faucets.

We hope you enjoy!

Ruth Bates in her kitchen with the Konrad foot pedal faucet system by Principle Faucets

Please tell our readers a bit about yourself.

I grew up in Cupertino, built my first house there in 1992, and worked in Silicon Valley in marketing and management positions for many years. I moved to Aptos in 1998 to raise my kids in a more family friendly environment. I began a second career as a Realtor in 2008 and have been happy selling real estate in Santa Cruz County ever since.

What was it like to go through the process of building your dream home?

The process to design and build a new home in Santa Cruz county, during Covid, and during supply-chain meltdown was challenging. My original budget was way over spent, and my original timeline to build was extended by over 6 months. That said, to be able to design the home you want, select the interior amenities you want, and to see it come to fruition was very rewarding. One needs an excellent architect and an excellent interior designer to really pull this off, and I had both, Fred Lattanzio-architect, Shannon Demma-Urbana Design Studios-interior designer.

What were you most excited about when designing your kitchen?

My kitchen is beautiful. Shannon worked with me to design the most functional and amazing kitchen. My beautiful green-grey quartzite island slab was my most exciting item to find.

Ruth Bates kitchen with the Konrad foot pedal faucet system by Principle Faucets

How did you hear about Principle Faucets?

Shannon Demma knew of Principle Faucets and told me that “I must have a foot pedal system”. I went for it. I even installed one in my laundry room.

What attribute of our foot pedal faucet system resonated with you most? What sold you?

The thought of keeping my hands free while the water flows made great sense. I think of it as multi-processing, which I like to do. I like not having to touch the faucet with my greasy hands the most.

We all have ingrained faucet-use behavior after years of standard hand control. Was it challenging to learn a new trick at the sink?

The foot pedal is instinctual after the first time. Very easy to use.

Ruth Bates in her kitchen with the Konrad foot pedal faucet system by Principle Faucets

With our fully-integrated Principle system you have the flexibility to use hand or pedal control at any time. How often would you say you now choose pedal control?

I use pedal control most often for extended periods of time while working at the sink. For quick hits of water I tend to choose the faucet's hand control.

You were originally interested in our foot pedal faucet systems for the hands-free control. Now having lived with it, is that what you’ve come to love most?

Yes, working hands-free is great! Not touching the faucet with greasy hands is a huge advantage. Using the pedal to rinse my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher feels more efficient as well. It keeps the faucet cleaner, and makes my life easier.

Ruth Bates in her kitchen with the Konrad foot pedal faucet system by Principle Faucets

Thanks so much Ruth for sharing your story with us! We loved hearing about your experience with Principle Faucets.

Gorgeous photography by Kate Falconer.



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