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Principle Faucets Team Foot Pedal System

It all started with hands covered in raw chicken.


Lauren and Matt were carefree newlyweds and Lauren was cooking up a storm.  Young, inexperienced, and freaked out by the potential spread of salmonella, they wondered why kitchen faucets didn’t have those foot pedals you see in doctor offices; It would be so much more hygienic!


Fast forward a few years and they were no longer as concerned with germs as they were with the horrible California drought. Looking for ways to save water in their household, they realized flow restriction was all the plumbing industry really offered to cut water usage at the tap.  The foot pedal became a hot topic between Matt and his great friend John.  They hypothesized this concept actually had the potential to save by eliminating the water wasted when letting the tap continuously run between tasks.  If you had more control over the water you used, you could use it better.  They envisioned a more efficient, more functional faucet system.  


They soon confirmed that foot pedals on the market were too limiting (lost hand control), a bit clunky (separate pedals for hot and cold water; tap dancing required), difficult to install (invasive to cabinetry), and aesthetically displeasing (Lauren no likey).  So Matt and John bought a commercial-grade foot pedal, created their own unique plumbing system that overcame previous design limitations, and tested their concept with a multi-home water study program.  Turns out all those seconds we lazy humans normally allow the water to run really do add up!  Having a pedal enabled the user to start and stop the water effortlessly and with increased frequency.  The pedal also allowed for easy adjustment of volume of water used at any given moment (like a gas pedal on a car).  We were thrilled to see water usage at the sink cut by 20-50%.

Unwilling to ever wash dishes without a foot pedal again, we morphed into zealous revolutionaries hell-bent on reforming the faucet industry.  We created a new faucet system.  We designed a beautiful pedal. 


It's time faucets evolved past standard hand control.  Wave bye-bye to sensors and touch technology.  Voice command?  Please no!  Foot pedals are the future.  They are more functional, much more enjoyable to use, help you to work faster, keep the faucet and counter area cleaner, and most importantly, help to conserve Nature's most precious resource.

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