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Priciple Faucets Prouct Support Page




Don't worry, we have you covered.

If you are just looking for additional resources or have a few questions, you're in the right place.


If you have any questions about Principle Faucet's products, we can be reached at the following numbers.


General Inquiries


Phone Number

(M-F) 9am -5pm PT

(888) 293-2203 (ext. 0)

(888) 293-2203 (ext. 1)

(M-F) 9am -5pm PT


(888) 293-2203 (ext. 2)

(M-F) 9am -5pm PT

Customer Support

(888) 293-2203 (ext. 3)

(M-F) 9am -5pm PT

Warranty Support


  1. 2" Minimum Toe Kick Depth

  2. 3.25" Minimum Toe Kick Height

  3. 120V AC Power Outlet (Un-Switched)

NOTE:  We do not recommend hooking up the STEP Foot Pedal Adaptor System to an electronic sensory or touch activated faucets.

Minimum Installation Requirements

Checking these minimum installation requirements prior to purchasing will assure that the installation site is compatible with your new system.

Cabinet Installation Foot Pedal


2" Minimum Toe Kick Depth

Measuring from the back of the overhang to the lip of the cabinet base should be no less than 2 inches.

Cabinet Installation Foot Pedal


3.25" Minimum Toe Kick Height

Measuring from the base of the vertical toe kick face to where it intersects with the cabinet base overhang.

Power Outlet


120V AC Power Outlet (un-switched)

Both the Principle and STEP systems require one open socket of a standard 120V AC power outlet.

Many outlets under the kitchen sink have one of the two outlet sockets linked to a switch which activates a garbage disposal.  The other socket is often available and un-switched.

To test the outlets under your sink, simply plug in a compatible electronic appliance and see if it powers on (while the switch linked to a garbage disposal is in the off position).


Q:  Should the engine box (control box) make noise when I press and release the foot pedal?

​A:  Yes, the engine box will make a little noise when the system is activated.  The noise can be minimized by mounting the box towards the back of the cabinet.

If you have questions, we have answers.

Q:  Does the engine box need to be mounted to the cabinet?

​A:  No, the engine box does not need to be mounted.  However, we recommend it is mounted to the cabinet wall under the sink to keep it up and out of the way.

Q:  Can I connect my STEP system to an electronic touch or sensor style kitchen faucet?

​A:  Yes, it is possible to connect the STEP System to an electronic touch or sensor style faucet but we don't recommend it.

Q:  What are the minimum installation requirements for the Principle or STEP Systems?

​A:  You will need a minimum toe kick height of 3.25" (83mm) and a minimum to kick depth of 2" (51mm).  You will also need a standard un-switched 120V power outlet within 6ft of the engine box mounting location.  For more details see the Minimum Installation Requirements above.

Q:  Can I add a water filtration system to my STEP or Principle Faucet System?

​A:  Yes, you can add a water filtration system inline either before or after the engine box.  You may need to check with your local plumbing professional or hardware store for additional hose connections.  You can also call our support line for help at (888) 293-2203.  We'll do our best to help you get it figured out.

Q:  Our foot pedal mounting plate is not the same finish as my foot pedal.  Is this right?

​A:  Yes, all of the mounting plates are in finished in brushed nickel.

Q:  I do not have a toe kick space below my kitchen sink.  Will I be able attach the foot pedal to the sink cabinet?

​A:  Unfortunately, no.  You must meet the minimum installation height and depth to be able to install the foot pedal.

Q:  I do not have a power outlet under my sink.  Do you offer a battery powered option?

​A:  No, at this time we don't have a battery powered option.  This is in development and planned for future models.  We recommend contacting your local professional electrician to see what your options may be.

Q:  If the power goes out, will I be able to use water at my sink?

​A:  If you have installed one of our Principle Kitchen Faucet Systems at your sink, you will be able to access water by using the hand operated lever whether or not there is power to the system.  If you have installed one of our STEP Foot Pedal Adaptor Systems, you will not be able to access water at your sink until power has been reestablished to the system.

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