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If you have any questions about Principle Faucet's products, we can be reached at the following numbers.


General Inquiries


Phone Number

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  1. 2" Minimum Toe Kick Depth

  2. 3.25" Minimum Toe Kick Height

  3. 120V AC Power Outlet (Un-Switched)

NOTE:  We do not recommend hooking up the STEP Foot Pedal Adaptor System to an electronic sensory or touch activated faucets.

Minimum Installation Requirements

Checking these minimum installation requirements prior to purchasing will assure that the installation site is compatible with your new system.


2" Minimum Toe Kick Depth

Measuring from the back of the overhang to the lip of the cabinet base should be no less than 2 inches.


3.25" Minimum Toe Kick Height

Measuring from the base of the vertical toe kick face to where it intersects with the cabinet base overhang.


120V AC Power Outlet (un-switched)

Both the Principle and STEP systems require one open socket of a standard 120V AC power outlet.

Many outlets under the kitchen sink have one of the two outlet sockets linked to a switch which activates a garbage disposal.  The other socket is often available and un-switched.

To test the outlets under your sink, simply plug in a compatible electronic appliance and see if it powers on (while the switch linked to a garbage disposal is in the off position).